EssiCrana - Outdoor Living (Prod. Arze)



Outdoor living


Outdoor living x 6
How you living?
Outdoor living

(Verse 1)

Living outdoors yea we living outside
You can see it clearly when I’m on the skimboard
Slide out then I’m on wave
Playing outside, do it every day

Four wheels now pushing down the street
skrt, skrt, skrt when I’m passing with it
next, I transition to two wheels
Biking on a mountain and I’m showing off the skills

When I hop on the highway time for something faster
my way is a little mini tractor - woops
I meant my little squeal
Talking about my little pair of wheels

It red and my skills make it roll hotter
even though its 125 and it shorter
You best beleive I make it roll much longer
Yes - you see me when I pass with the HONDA

oy! and when I need a little switch up
go down by the beach and I rent a little skipper
little tiny boat that I sail across the bay
sometimes a hobie and sometimes a ray

a laser beam that I sail across the water
laser beams I shoot cross the waves
shawdy just whining her waist
know that her ways are really in place

to put me on pace with something softer
she said she can’t take the sun when its hotter
meddy on it, take her down to the water
the waterfall surely will cool your temperature

inquisitive - such a curious creature
take a step back to admire her features
baby relax, drop your hair, move your slippers
no need to fear there’s no one else here with us

then when we done we can jump in the jeep
you look so tired baby get some sleep
I know that we’ll still be outside in your dreams
cause that’s the way that we prefer things


Outdoor living x 6
How you living?
Outdoor living

(Verse 2)

Living outside’s like living in a dream
everything nice and bright and it green
medzin with the birds the sun and the trees
spend alotta time in caribbean seas

take a little moment to soak up the breeze
take out the clothes feel it in between the knees
take a deep breathe let your spirit fly free
We can explore we can do ATV

How can you sit home and watch TV
When outside we have all this beauty
and we get to endulge it all for free
Everytime I thing about it, it’s surreal

Climb a likkle mountain to enjoy a meal
or bubble in a hotspring whenever I feel
the twin peak pitons majestic scene
you must feel glad when the energy so clean.


Outdoor living x 6
How you living?
Outdoor living

Outdoor living x 6
How you living?
Outdoor living


Outdoor Living is an anthem for those that embrace an outdoor lifestyle.